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Friday, December 23, 2011

12/22/11 Seawall to Wonderland

The strange weather continues. Wednesday we had freezing rain -tried to walk downtown but the walks were like a skating rink and we gave it up. Yesterday was sunny and 40 degrees and this morning it is snowing. Kelley will be happy with the snow but it will mean three driveways for me to do- one neighbor in hospital and one out of town.

Yesterday we started at the Seawall picnic area and walked the shore to Wonderland. This is a bit challenging as it is rocky along with slippery seaweed. Kelley had to find ways around a few times but did fine. Near the start we met two men who were checking surf conditions ( not much) brrr. When we got to the Wonderland area Kelley wanted to do some of the trails that lead inland and around the area so we wandered those a bit and met a nice woman and her English Setter pup and the dogs got to play while we chatted. They played very well together and she, like me, wished for more interaction with other dogs.

From Wonderland we returned to Seawall and since we had only hiked a little over 2 hours went across the road and walked part of the Hio Rd. that starts at the end of the campground. The campground is closed and empty of people. It was a little strange to have it all to ourselves- everything was very neat and ready for real winter. The Hio is an old road ( no longer open to traffic any time of year) that is an easy and pleasant walk in the woods.
A nice day 3 1/4 hours


  1. Merry Christmas John! Keep on hikin'.

  2. Thanks John and to you and Carol. We will.

  3. Love this walk! Makes me really want to get back to MDI! Paradise...

  4. Thanks for your comment Mark. It is a nice hike. We are lucky to be close to Acadia and all it's beauty.


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