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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

1/8/13 Cadillac Mountain via The Auto Road

Warmer ( 30s ), sun and clouds, but quite windy. This is a nice winter hike because the loop road and the road up the mountain are closed but used by snowmobiles which makes a nice walking surface. We parked at the closed entrance on Rt. 233 and walked in to the auto road up the mountain. Kelley seemed happy with the conditions and the roads were in good shape for walking.

Part way up a snowmobile passed us as it was going toward the summit. I always kneel  beside the trail and pet Kelley but most riders are considerate and slow down and give us lots of space. Awhile later we heard the sled returning and got to the side but it stopped about 50 yards from us and the woman dismounted. Of course, Kelley ran toward her and she began calling, "Kelley, Kelley" . I did not recognize her with all her head gear but it turned out to be the owner of Bailey who we have met several times in the Little Long Pond area ( the dogs like each other and play well together) . We joked about Kelley becoming "famous"  and I met her husband and we chatted as they gave Kelley lots of attention.

 I had considered taking the North Ridge Trail down and making a loop  but when we reached the summit that trail had had very little use and then when we got off the snowmobile track  to explore the summit a bit and ended up in thigh deep drifts ( there were no tracks in this area), some of which Kelley needed help getting through,so we got out of there and I decide to return the way we had come - all downhill going back.

A pretty good hike.  4 hours

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