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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

1/29/13 Jordan Pond Area

Sunny morning with no wind- still below freezing but supposed to warm considerably the next two days and rain!  We wanted to get in a good hike before the rain but didn't know what the trail conditions would be. Our first attempt was St. Sauveur from the highway which we had not done in a long time. The unplowed parking area should have been an omen but we started up. It was extremely icy - Kelley looked at me as if to say, " we aren't really going to do this?" And we quickly gave up. I thought the carriage roads around Jordan Pond would provide descent footing and they are some of the more interesting. But when we got to them Kelley wanted to do the Asticou Trail which is mostly flat and had good footing with only a few icy patches and even some bare spots.

When we crossed the second carriage road I thought we might check out the Penobscot Trail. but we only got a short distance before we reached a point that Kelley won't climb and makes a large bushwhack around. I decided to skip that and return to the carriage roads. It was really a pretty day and I took a lot of pictures. Please excuse the excessive  number of carriage road pictures.

I had not printed out a map of this area as it wasn't in the plan ( I print out the section we will hike so I don't have to dig out the large map)  and as we wandered the roads I realized when I switched backpacks I neglected to transfer the regular maps. Nevertheless, we got back to the Asticou and took that back to Jordan Pond and the carriage road I had originally intended.

This door is on a very small brick building by the stream.

This section of carriage road runs between Jordan Pond and the crumbling Jordan Cliffs above. The footing was very good- mostly packed snow with little ice.

Jordan Pond from the road

I'm not sure about this. It appears to be the remains of the inner part of an old tree- it was about 3 feet across

 Frozen water running down from the cliffs

A couple of pics of Kelley waiting for her portion of lunch

One last road picture as we head back to the car- clouding up at this point

Turned out to be a beautiful day and nice walking once we got to the pond area.  3 hours


  1. Great photos of Kelley..that sunlight highlights the auburn in her coat..the pond is clear of snow..fine conditions for ice skating..I'd have to use double runners though...

  2. Thanks for your comments penbayman. I'd hate to say how long it's been since I've been on skates. Funny thing about the pond- at the north end it looked like there were open areas ( perhaps an illusion) but at the southern end someone had an ice fishing shanty out on the ice.


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