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Sunday, January 13, 2013

1/12/13 Downtown Bangor

Gray dreary morning with a forecast of "ice pellets and rain" . None of that yet so we went downtown for an hour and a quarter walk.

This is more work by a local artist known as 'Pigeon' . He pastes his work to walls so it is not permanent.  You can see some of the birds are already coming loose.

Because of a wall behind me I could not get back far enough to  include the entire work. This much larger bird was on the far right.

As usual downtown there were lots of people for Kelley to greet. One couple had a very small girl and the mother said she was interested in  "the dog" , though she was not completely at ease - she was not that much taller then Kelley. I gave her a treat to give Kelley and that went well and made everyone happy.

Some of the other things we saw.


  1. Love all these pictures, John, although especially the dried plant and the birds, which I have seen. Such a treat. Cadillac sounds great, too!

  2. Hi Faith - thanks for your comments- We had a beautiful day for Cadillac . We still have that pond hike to do. E-mail me if you are still interested in doing it.


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