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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

1/14/13 Little Long Pond

Weird weather continues- fog, drizzle, and temps in the lower 40s. We decide to try Little Long Pond again, assuming there had been a good amount of use since our last visit. We started from the parking lot and took the Friends Path down to the pond - there were some icy spots on the rock steps down but not too bad.

Kelley was disappointed the the pond was still frozen.We took the West Side Trail and that was a mixed bag- bare spots, icy sections, water, and in the open meadow knee deep drifts.  Kelley  several times left the trail to check out the pond - still frozen. I slipped and landed on my thigh and elbow on a large exposed root- still very sore this morning.

When we reached the intersection with the Jordan Stream Trail we decide to take the trail to the carriage road instead of following the stream.  This was a problem for Kelley because there was another of those slatted bridges and she refused to cross it. She prowled the edge of the stream and found a spot to get into it but then couldn't find a way out- it was lined with ice which she doesn't like. I eventually had to break away ice and then pull her up the bank..

When we reached the carriage road it was much easier going as there had been lots of use.

 The Jordan Stream from the cobblestone bridge

The fog and wetness made the woods and even the rocks along the road look very lush

A view along the carriage road

We continued on the carriage roads back to the car. It had been a pretty hike in spite of the weather 2  1/2 hours


  1. Here in Iowa, we usually have what is called a "January thaw." Is that something you experience in Maine, also? Or is it out of the ordinary? Looks like a very cool hike.

  2. Hi Casey- It's hard to say what's "normal" anymore- last winter was mild with little snow and this winter has been up and down. In the past we haven't had a January thaw- at least not like this.


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