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Saturday, January 26, 2013

1/25/13 Glenburn Trails

By 10:30 up to 10 degrees with a wind chill advisory but nice sunny skies. We decided on the short drive to the more wooded trails in Glenburn- they would give us more protection from the wind. First we went east from Lancaster Rd.

but when we got to Hudson Rd. we realized we would have a long stretch of windy open meadow and turned back.

There was a trail along the tracks but after going a short distance it looked like it also remained in the open.

Back across the road to the trail heading west- both pretty and protected

We crossed the Lancaster Brook which was slippery but seemed solid

but were reluctant to cross the Kenduskeag

instead we followed the trail north  along the stream as far as the road and came across a turtle shell in the middle of the trail- something of a mystery

 Normally I photograph things as I find them but this one I had to flip over for a picture of it's top

and a little later this ( apparent)  dog toy - also an odd find

When we neared the road when returned to the main trail but then followed a trail south that had not been used by sleds and found a sunny sheltered spot to have our lunch and then headed back

 A  good hike - it was really pretty nice if you avoided the wind and Kelley was happy with lots of new things to explore ( our first time on these trails this winter) . 2 hours


  1. Hi John...The turtle shell on the trail is a real different object then usual : ) A real mystery, but then again so is the hot dog haha!
    Hope your taken it careful out there, it has been
    some cold!
    Good that you decided not to cross any river!!

  2. Hi Grace- appreciate your comments and concern. We are being careful- lots of ice everywhere we go - Kelley doesn't like it either. We have been seeking out more sheltered trails and being out of the wind really helps with the cold.

  3. Hi John, You made some very smart decisions on this hike, not that you don't always!..that shell is perplexing..and you're right, what a difference it makes when you can walk through the woods rather than the open on a cold windy day

  4. Hi penbayman- thanks for your comment


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