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Monday, January 7, 2013

1/6/13 City Forest

Gently falling snow so we went to nearby City Forest to enjoy it. The trail down from Kittredge Rd. still did not look like it had been used so we continued on to the regular parking lot and walked to the West Trail.

From the West Trail   ( easy walking because of previous traffic) we took the unnamed trail  ( more of a slog as there had been little use) over to the rail bed ( again, easy walking) . We followed the rail bed south to the bog ( beyond the above map)  where there was a sign "Warning Bog- Proceed at Your Own Risk" - Not knowing if the ice would support me  we turned back north - by now the snow had stopped.

We met two women on snowshoes ( they gave Kelley some appreciated attention) and one of the women  was familiar with our blog and said the trail description had been helpful for her hikes with her dog and also with her children. This was nice to hear.

We followed the rail bed to the entrance to the West Trail and took that back to our car. We met several people on snow shoes or skis but no dogs which was unusual. A nice hike 2  3/4 hours


  1. Were you on foot, x-country skis or snow shoes? Excellent that your blog was helpful to the lady hiker.

  2. Hi penbayman- I was on foot- skis would not work with Kelley and I don't like snow shoes, though I have them. The main problem is that Kelley has trouble with the deep snow so we have been seeking out places where there has been enough traffic to pack the snow enough to support her. Yes i was happy to hear from a hiker who read my blog.

  3. Excellent pics of the scenery you get to enjoy. It's nice that you've heard positive feedback from other hiker's in the area. Excellent job.

  4. Thanks Casey- It was very nice to get that feedback- I started the blog to exchange information with other hikers but not a lot of that has happened.


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