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Sunday, January 6, 2013

1/5/13 Snowmobile Trail

Mostly sunny but breezy. Once more on the snowmobile trails . We started north and shortly before we turned passed in back of a house that has several bird feeders out. They sometimes also put out pieces of bread and on those occasions Kelley scampers up the hill to help herself. Today pigeons had beat her to it.

Shortly after we turned and crossed a large field ( the rest of this trail is not on the easement)  and then the road and more fields and woods until we moved beside the road to cross the Kenduskeag on the bridge. The trail then heads north again, at times close to the stream.

We followed the trail to about the point that it turns away from the stream and headed back. One more shot of the stream from the bridge.

On our return we followed the trail to the intersection of the two roads and then walked along the road the short distance to our street. A pretty day and a good hike  3 hours

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