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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

1/28/13 Snowmobile Trails

Late start as I had some other  things to do this morning. By the time we got started it was a 'balmy' 18 degrees with sun and no wind. Very pleasant  after several days of below zero wind chills. The footing was very good with only a couple of icy section to walk around. We even met a man on a bike.

These lichen were atop a fence rail

We followed that side trail we had started the other day and, while quite nice,  it only led to someones back yard and a 'private property' sign.

We did find this nice stump

From the end of that trail we returned the way we had come

It had clouded up by the end but still a very pleasant walk. 2  3/4 hours


  1. Yes it felt much nicer yesterday. Amazing how 20 degrees can feel "warm" at times..enjoy today as well..

  2. Hi John...Did you get snow last night, about 5 inches at my place more than they predicted of course !! When are they ever right!!
    Love your subjects today especially the moss in the first one!! Also like that tree trunk!!
    I have followed snowmobile track into backyards before : )!
    yeah I made it through this comment without any problems!!

  3. Hi penbayman - yes another beauty today but rain and 50! tomorrow.

  4. Hi Grace- no snow at all beautiful sunny day- and again today- amazing how the weather in Maine varies so much in little distance- thanks for comments on pictures.

  5. Thank you Linda- It amazes me how many varieties we have here. I was told they are an indicator of air quality.


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