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Saturday, September 8, 2012

9/7/12 Goose Ridge Trail

Cloudy and foggy with an uncertain weather ahead. Goose Ridge is a fairly easy hike through a mostly deciduous forest with no hard parts for Kelley. We started from the Freedom Pond Rd. end. The first part is a gradual climb up to the ridge. On the ridge you pass through part of Spirited Horses Ranch and there are a couple of meadows ( the only open spots on the trail) .

Still some clouds and fog

We continued on the trail to the easement for a pipeline  and then turned to return the way we had come.

Not a sharp as it should be but posted because of the marvelous colors.

On the return trip the skies had mostly cleared and we had sun as we crossed the meadow
click twice for the large view
From Spirited Horses Ranch on Goose Ridge Trail  pano 9-7-12
A pleasant 3 hour hike

To Kelley's disappointment the streams had been  either completely dry or mud holes- she got in the mud and wallowed around - I think it's cooling. She hates baths so I looked for a pond near the road on the way back and found one so she could have a swim and get cleaned off.


  1. Nice pics from your hike. That pano shows some good grazing for horses. Very colorful caterpillar.

  2. Hi John...That sure is a real colorful caterpillar ...are you going to find out what it is??
    Love the fungi..very nice pattern,looks like flowers!
    Kelley is a lucky dog : }!!

  3. Thanks John- we have hiked this several times and never seen any horses there.

    Hi Grace- Thanks Grace. I probably won't find the caterpillar- nice Monarch version you had on your blog. And I'm lucky to have Kelley


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