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Friday, September 14, 2012

9/13/12 Marsh Island

Another beautiful day but I have garden and house chores that need to be done so off to nearby Orono. The trails here are very confusing (many are not on the map)  for us and we usually try to end up by the river the other side of Peter's Field- which is not a problem if we start from Penobscot St. but always is if we start from Hillside. We  started from Hillside ( Kelley get's to swim in the pond) and tried always ( except for the little box just past the pond) taking the right fork when we came to an intersection. We ended up in someones back yard. Several trails from there led nowhere and we eventually headed back to the pond for one more swim before heading

A beautiful day to be out in spite of the confusing trails and I did get a lot done at home.


  1. Hi John.. I have garden and house chores to, but I am in Buxton, staying with my Grandson who is 11 while my daughter is out of state for the weekend!! The boy has school today, so it is quite : } but they have a Bernese Mountain Dog who needs to be let outside one of my duties!!
    So in someones back yard again..haha!! A swim and some good shot's of things that won't be around to much longer!!
    I saw yesterday's post and the photo of the canoe is a stunner ..It looks somewhat like a painting..I really liked it!!

  2. Hi Grace. I appreciate your comments. You have chores but I'll bet being with your grandson makes up for them. I liked the canoe too.


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