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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

9/24/12 Dorr Mountain

Cold gray morning but supposed to improve so we headed for Acadia and a hike we like up Dorr Mountain. By the time we got to the trail head we still had some clouds but it was mostly sunny. We start on the Canon Brook Trail from Rte. 3 and this lichen was on a tree at the beginning of the trail

 There is a nice pond where the trail intersects the trail to the tarn.

This trail is a mostly flat pleasant walk through woods.

The Dorr S. Ridge Trail is, I think a pretty trail, - mostly open but with some small trees and very nice views back to the ocean

 About half way up Kelley found a small pool and took advantage of it.

At the summit we met a nice couple from Ohio and Kelley got some attention from them as we chatted about trails. 
 This is Bar Harbor showing Bar Island and the partially submerged bar that you can walk across when the tide is low.

 From the summit we returned the way we had come and I got a couple more pictures at the pond.

The trail has a quite long bog type bridge that crosses the end of the pond.  Sometimes Kelley will use the narrow bridge but she usually goes on the outside of it through the brush ( as she had done on the way in) this time she decided to take the water route and swam the whole distance ( a first) - looking pretty smug.

This had been a nice 3 hour hike- there were  places Kelley needed to work around but she managed all of them without help from me and seemed enthusiastic about the hike. This morning she was a bit lame so it was perhaps harder for her than I thought.


  1. You're starting to get some nice color changes. Hope Kelley is feeling better soon.

  2. Thanks for commenting John- yes, the colors have begun.

  3. Love those mtn top photos. and those of kelley, of course..


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