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Saturday, August 8, 2015

8/7/15 Perch Pond

Another sunny day in the lower 70's . trying for another hour and a half  on the Perch Pond trails. We started from the North trailhead and immediately were attacked by deer flies. The last time we were here they had been on the open old woods roads but not on the woods trails. Once we got on the Shore Rd. they were even worse. We headed for the small pond for Kelley

We then backtracked a short bit to get in the woods. The flies were fewer but still bad. I decided we would just head for the pond, let Kelley swim and head back. I made a wrong turn and took us in the wrong direction. I will blame it on the distracting flies. Back on track we got to the pond and Kelley was happy.

Looking across the pond

Some branches near shore

We then headed back. I took very few pictures as I spent a good deal of time trying to snatch the flies that landed on Kelley.

A crinkly fungus

A mixed bag. Kelley had not wanted to get in the car at home or out of the car when we got to the trailhead but once started she was enthusiastic, leading much of the way, so that was positive.  Even with the wrong turn we got the time about right 1  3/4 hours. The day was pretty. The flies were horrible. 


  1. So sorry the flies were such a nuisance!
    Around here--it's raining and I'm using that opportunity to get some weeding in while the bugs are "down".
    What a summer!
    Have a good weekend, you two!

    1. Hi Sue - this is the worst year for the deer flies that I can remember. You have a good weekend too and take care of those weeds.

  2. Love the orange, crinkly fungus! Nice shots of Kelley in the water.

  3. Yes..the deer flies have been horrendous this year..I hate 'em//

    1. And there seems to be no end - don't they have a season?


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