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Saturday, August 22, 2015

8/21/15 Essex Woods

Cloudy with rain predicted - seemed like a good time to go to the nearby woods.  There were a couple of dogs in the dog park ( fenced) by the parking lot but Kelley was not interested in going in so went down the trail to the old rail bed. She managed to find a couple of mucky spots to get in - we really need the rain as she came out covered with muck

Neither of us was very energetic so she sniffed around and I looked for pictures - similar activities.  There are still some flowers about but lots of things are finished for this year.

We only met one person - a birder coming down the hill as we climbed up. He had a Lab at home and gave Kelley some attention , which pleased her. When we got to the top she was still not interested in the dog park so we headed off to run errands

When we got home she was still mucky  and I tried to get her into her wading pool - not interested ( she's been in it about once a year) - she also runs at any indication of an impending bath, so I put her on a leash and rinsed her with a watering wand on the garden hose. That got most of it.

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