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Sunday, August 2, 2015

8/2/15 City Forest

Yesterday Kelley didn't seem to want to hike so we just went downtown for a walk. We walked the short distance to the river and she swam but then did not want to go farther so we went back to the car and home.

This morning she seemed better so I decided to try the forest. At the top of the hill we met a man with his son, daughter, and dog Ike and they walked with us down to the pond.

Ike does not like the water and wouldn't go in  but the boy was very excited about Kelley getting in the water - which she did several times.

We left them at the pond- the kids were looking for fish and frogs - and headed down the West Trail. Today there were a lot of deer flies and they were focused on Kelley.  I decided to try the side trail that has a small stream but the flies were bad there too. Also the stream was just a muddy puddle - still not getting much rain.

Kelley doesn't usually react strongly to the flies but today they obviously bothered her so we gave up and headed back for a final dip in the pond.

I didn't do well with pictures and will blame that on the distracting flies too. There were also lots of bees but they were not a problem.

So, not a great day but we did get an hours exercise and Kelley got the beaver pond.


  1. How fun to meet up with people like that on the trail.

    The flies are bad at the lake right now too - They've been making it hard to fish.

    1. Yes Kim - nice people - there has to be an end to the flies

  2. Hi John
    So sorry the bugs made the walk less enjoyable.
    Do you know what that flower is? It looks like a dandelion but has multiple heads.

    1. I don't know the flower but it is also quite tall- see earlier post


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