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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

8/3/15 Sears Island

Looking to avoid deer flies we decide to try Sears. We would also beat the heat with an early start as low tide was 7:40. At high tide parts of the shore that is walkable is under water.

Low tide

What we find on the shore varies quite a bit from visit to visit and today there was not a lot, but here are a few. No deer flies on the shore !

Stones someone had placed on a large boulder

Wild morning glory

Empty crab shell

Kelley had found some fresh water near the start and din't seem very interested in the ocean - we were walking well above the water. I walked down and she went in but only briefly - she prefers fresh water.

More things we saw

Largest rose hips I have seen - the largest was ping pong ball size

I don't know these flowers

 This seed head was also large - 5 or 6 inches across

The road from the jetty and the Homestead Trail had a few deer flies but not really bad.

When we got back to the shore Kelley went in again

Not a bad outing - Kelley seemed good, the temperature was comfortable, and it was quite peaceful. 1  3/4 hours 


  1. Sears Island is always a lovely place to visit. Your rose hips look like radishes!

    1. Hi - yes, it is pretty - those were some odd rose hips

  2. Beach walks are always nice! I love seeing your coastline.

  3. Beautiful , John.
    I love that rock on the right--such a lot going on with it.
    Looks like you saw some very interesting things today.

    1. Thank you Sue - turned out pretty well.


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