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Sunday, August 16, 2015

8/15/15 Back to the Beaver Pond

We first went to Essex Woods. Kelley sniffed around a bit, went in the dog park for a short time - mostly to greet the people, and then didn't want to walk. I decided to defer to her wishes and drove over to the forest so she could have a swim.

Heading across the meadow toward the pond

Can't seem to resist  Queen Anne's lace - I have a lot of pictures in all it's stages.

Ah !

Kelley din't want to walk here either so we just spent a little time at the pond and headed back up the hill.

I found this on the way back - odd blossoms are closed disks , like yellow M&M's

So, we both got a break, which wasn't not bad as it was quite warm and very humid.


  1. lovely place! I would be tempted to join Kelley in the pond.

    1. Thanks for commenting Teresa. A bit shallow for me but it was hot enough .

  2. Hi John
    That might possibly be Tansy with the yellow button flowers.
    Wonder why Kelley was being so fussy today??
    Well, she still got exercise with that swim. Have a good "rest-of-the-day"

    1. Thanks Sue I think you have the ID. I can't tell with Kelley ( wish she could talk) but perhaps her knees were bothering her

  3. Maybe the humidity is bothering her? A swim sounds nice - thats low impact exercise for her too.

    1. Hi Kim- I wish she could tell me - yesterday we did a nice hike and she was fine.


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