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Saturday, August 29, 2015

8/28/15 Tunk Mountain

Yesterday I had a midday appointment so we just walked around the neighborhood. So, after a couple of rest days I decided to try Kelley on something a little more rigorous than we have been doing. A beautiful sunny day in the 70's. There were a couple of deer flies at the parking area but none after that.

There is little water on this hike but near the start there is a reliable source. This is on a short undrivable road we walk to get to the trailhead

The hike up is fairly dense woods - a narrow spot on the trail

One of the things I like about this route is that you are in woods until the top when you come out to this view

Three shot pano - click for large view

Tunk Mt. View  8-28-15

Views of the trail and from the trail - probably too many

From the north side

A little water

Pretty much mud

Back on the road down there were some insects and flowers

and the water again

This one is not sharp but I hadn't seen it before.

The hike was longer than I wanted - 2  1/2 hours - but Kelley did well and was enthusiastic. At home she seemed to have not suffered any ill effects. 


  1. Wow, John-you can never have too many photos when the views are like that. I'd love to hike that route!

    Gorgeous flowers as well.
    Enjoy the day

    1. Thanks Sue- some of the nicer views in the area.

  2. We drove by there a couple of weeks ago on our way to Eastport and I thought of your posts about it..gotta give it a shot this fall..I'm glad Kelley girl did ok..

    1. Thanks penbayman - there are three trails up but the one from Myrick Pond Rd. is easiest for Kelley.

  3. Gorgeous views - the one almost looks like snow down below.

    1. Thanks Kim - no snow yet but it won't be that long

  4. Beautiful pictures as always and oh my goodness, those breathtaking views!!!
    I had to laugh when I saw Kelly in the tiny bit of water/mud..."if i fits i sits" , haha.

    1. Thank you Serafina - and you have Kelley down . This really is a pretty place and some of the best views near here.

  5. Thanks, John. As far as I can see, you have almost the only photos of Tunk on the web. I climbed it, first time, on Columbus Day, from the Hidden Ponds side. Didn't really know about the other trails. -- Paul-- 10/14/2015

    1. Hi Thanks for commenting. Don't know why there are no pictures by others- some of the best views around . We have done all 3 but the one from Myrick Pond Rd. is the easiest for Kelley . The main one has iron rungs and the other is abandoned and has some rough spots. Type Tunk or Hidden Ponds in the search box to find other Tunk posts.


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