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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

8/25/15 Perch Pond

Our string of gray weather with predicted rain continues and we are reluct to travel very far only to get rained out.  70's but very humid so it felt more like a sauna. We started from the North Trail and found few mosquitoes and only a couple of deer flies - perhaps they are finally done for this year. I'm still aiming for an hour and a half for Kelley.

It doesn't have to be a lot of water

Some nice ferns

Don't know how I got this small pond without Kelley in the picture

She was very happy when we reached the big pond

A section of the Shore Trail

Another chance to get in the pond

There are still a few wildflowers but they are getting a bit ragged.

One of the few butterflies I got this year - it has a couple of fiends

I also got few dragonflies this year so was happy with this one.

and a few more flowers

A nice peaceful hike- we met no one. Kelley did well ,seemingly without problems and I managed to not take any wrong turns. An hour and three quarters was close to our goal. 


  1. That dragonfly one is my favorite--I don't know how you manage to get them to pose for you!! The ones around here must drink too much coffee--they never sit still long enough!
    Have a good day, John. Hopefully you'll get our chilly weather--which has put a damper on the bugs (yay!)


    1. Thanks Sue - sometimes I get lucky with the dragons- not often this year though.

  2. Hopefully the biting bugs are gone..been a tough summer but not if you're a deer fly..

    1. They seem to be about over- worst year I remember - I'm sure Kelley is glad too.


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