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Saturday, August 15, 2015

8/14/15 City Forest

Kelley was a little stiff this morning so I decided a short visit to the forest and especially the beaver pond was in order.

The beaver pond continues to shrink

but there's still water for kelley

Lots of reeds floating on the water- don't know how that came about

but it didn't bother Kelley

We walked a short distance on the West Trail - few deer flies - and met a regular and her dog - friends of Kelley - and then headed back.

I got a few pictures

Kelley had another go at the pond and the pleasant hour seemed to be enough for Kelley


  1. Lovely flowers and the beaver pond looks nice and cool.

    1. Thank you Linda - Kelley certainly loves that pond

  2. Very nice flowers today.
    Any idea on the pink flowers in the top photo? Looks a bit like lythrum.

    1. Thank you Sue - I am sadly lacking in botanical knowledge but i think you are correct- purple loosestrife

  3. That Kelley..she one smart pup!

    1. She is, and with a mind of her own


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