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Monday, August 24, 2015

8/23/15 DeMeritt Forest

Rainy weather continues so we went to DeMeritt to get in a hike before the rain resumed - good timing as it didn't start again until on our way home.

Kelley soon found some muddy water to get into.

and I found a few things to photograph

Not as muddy

We met a group of people with three dogs and walked with them until we turned off onto the Blue Trail and this group made  Kelley very happy.

Fancy and plain

After we completed our loop we walked over to the trail leading down to the Stillwater

The little cove alongside the river

and the river

Kelley was very happy with the deeper water and I was glad she was getting the mud rinsed off. She stayed in longer than usual but came out when I opened a trail bar.

and then a little rest

One last time in the water

A pretty good outing - temps were in the 70's and Kelley seemed happy to be out and showed no problems. 1  3/4 hours 


  1. LOL! --I imagine you need a tarp in your vehicle for her. She sure could make a mess.
    I like the interesting fungi that comes out this time of year. And I see you're starting to get a little color in some things. Very nice photography!

    1. Thank you Sue - I have a waterproof cover and an old blanket in the back seat. And since she needs help getting in the car, I end up a mess too.

  2. Looks like fall colors are beginning to show themselves!

  3. That Kelley..nothing like a good mud bath and then a dip to clean herself off..

    1. Yes ! I was really glad the clean river was just across the road.


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