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Friday, August 14, 2015

8/13/15 Northern Pond

A pretty day - mix of sun and clouds and 70's. We found very few mosquitoes and even fewer deer flies - maybe they are on the way out.

We first went down the short trail to the canoe launch

Usually the bog bridges are floating and we don't make it to the water - today we did - even with the recent rain we are far below yearly averages.

While Kelley was swimming, I found this unusual flower

In the past this section of the trail was closed due to high water ( there was an alternate trail) but now it is open.

Into the pond

The pond without Kelley

Pool beside a small stream we crossed

The beaver pond

The spur that leads to the beaver dam is overgrown with tall grasses as you near the pond and the trail became hard to see. I was having a hard time finding the trail out until I got Kelley to lead and she took me right to it. I did find these nice flowers while looking.

The trails had mostly been in good shape until we got on the bottom section of the Thurlow Brook Loop - that section was badly in need of maintenance with many trees down across the trail - much bushwhacking.

I did manage a mediocre picture of a dragonfly- I have had few stay still long enough to photograph.

As we finished we went back down to the canoe launch for a final dip.

A pretty good hike. Kelley seemed to do well even though it took a half hour longer than the hour and a half I planned - lots of water and easy hiking except for the bushwhacking. It's very peaceful here with no sounds of civilization and we mostly have it to ourselves - I think only once have we met anyone. 


  1. Sounds like a terrific spot to just "enjoy".
    Glad your bugs seem to be on the retreat. I'm having an inside day today because the gnats and deerfly are especially ferocious with the humidity that has come in.
    I'm not going to miss this summer one bit when it is gone!
    Lovely photos as always, John.
    Have a good weekend

    1. Thank you Sue- it is a nice spot. Sorry about your bugs - they have driven us out of some woods. You have a nice weekend too

  2. Lovely flowers! And as always, I love seeing pics of Kelley swimming.

    1. Thanks Linda - I picked this because of the water


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