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Thursday, January 8, 2015

1/7/15 Newport Dover-Foxcroft Rail Trail

Cold  ( 7 degrees) and gray but no wind. Kelley had an appointment with her vet in Newport and when she does we hike this trail. We also hike it from the Dover-Foxcroft end but have never done the whole 26 miles.

A snowmobile had preceded us and that made for pretty good footing. Kelley was very excited ,as she usually is on a trail we haven't done recently- we hadn't been  here since her last appointment in July.

The sun is trying to come out

Sebasticook Lake

More plants in the snow

Waiting for me

And some cable

Not a bad hike in spite of the cold - once I got warmed up it wasn't bad and having no wind helped - Kelley never minds the cold and was enthusiastic throughout even though there was not liquid water. The sun never did make it out.  3  hours 


  1. It's a world of white in your neck of the woods!

    1. Hi Linda - white and cold - at 11:00 am we are up to minus 6

  2. I'm like you--I don't mind the cold. We certainly have great outerwear options nowadays--polartec, etc. But the wind--that is another story and we've had nothing but wind this past week.
    Always enjoy the "botanical" photos-keep em coming! Nature sure is beautiful!
    Enjoy the day

    1. Thanks for commenting Sue- it was a treat to not have wind.

  3. I find snow photos quite lovely and your Kellie certainly adds to the beauty! Your photos looks awesome in full size, you might think about making them a bit larger for more interest.

    1. Thanks Betty - Blogger resizes them - not me. Clicking on them makes them larger. An alternative might be posting them from Flickr ( as I do the panos ) but that's more work. Will maybe do an experiment


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