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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

1/13/15 City Forest

3.8 degrees when we got up with a high of 10 predicted. I tried working on some pictures on the computer but Kelley would not leave me alone and I got dressed and we went out to deal with the new snow on the drive. Once the drive was finished we headed for the forest. The road into the Kittredge Rd. lot had not been plowed so we drove to the Tripp Rd. entrance and did the East/West loop ( now up to 5 degrees ) . We rarely get on the east section because dogs are supposed to be leashed on that trail. There were ski tracks and we met a few skiers but there were no boot tracks and we met no walkers. A bit of a slog for me but Kelley used the ski tracks and so had it easy. She doesn't mess them up like I would if I walked them.

It was really beautiful with the fresh snow, sun, and brilliant blue skies and the cold wasn't that bad once I got warmed up - Kelley seems oblivious to cold but could not find any water. I only took a few pictures and with no stops for swimming we did the loop in an hour an three quarters


  1. Ha-Kelley knows you shouldn't miss a sunny, beautiful day. Good dog!
    I walked yesterday morning and it was MINUS 13 degrees. Needless to say, there was only a SLIT for my eyes exposed. The sunshine always makes those walks worth it. Have a fine day

    1. Hi Sue- yes, Kelley loves the snow- we haven't got quite that cold yet in the daytime but it's - 9 this morning.

  2. PS--That path makes it look like you could use some snowshoes!

    1. They would have been helpful - I own them but don't like them and most places deep snow would be a problem for Kelley.


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