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Saturday, January 24, 2015

1/23/15 Snowmobile Trail Near Dover-Foxcroft

Twenties , mix of sun and clouds - mostly clouds. Since we had recently found good footing on another part of this trail we decided to do a section we had not done before. Starting from the same place.

At the start it was very open marsh land

but soon turned into the woods

and  nice footing again on a groomed trail - packed frozen snow

A pond we passed

We crossed a road and were confronted with a fairly long stretch of very slick ice with hard banks on the sides. Kelley didn't like it either but we managed to pass safely.

The road turned into a house and the trail continued on in it's previous good condition. I'm guessing the home owner had plowed just before the rain and freeze.

A stream the trail crossed

We have to have at least one twig in the snow

Apple break

Other than the section of ice this was good walking- nothing dramatic but pretty woods all to ourselves. Kelley was enthusiastic - she likes new trails and was ahead of me most of the way,  2  1/2 hours


  1. That last photo of Kelley is very cute!

    1. Thanks Linda - we usually share an apple sometime during our hike.

  2. That trail looks treacherous-glad you two made it through ok. I live on a dirt road that gets no sun for months during the winter and it looks similar to that with the ice.

    1. Hi Sue - it was treacherous - in a good year we don't have to deal with much ice- this year has been odd.


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