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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

1/20/15 Eliot Mountain

Twenties and sunny but we will have ice to deal with again, Decided to check out the new trail on Eliot. Last time we were here we met two men who were about to haul 35 foot logs to make a bridge across Harbor Brook and they told us the bridge would  be  part of the new trail that would eventually go to Long Pond

The first part of the trail up Eliot had lots of icy spots to work around, as did the spur over to the Thuya Gardens We then started down the new section that begins at the intersection of with that spur. They have done a lot of work and the trail winds through pretty woods and some spots with large rock formations.

Some work in progress

At some point the trail joins the old trail coming down from the top of Eliot but I had to guess where on my map.

At the brook we found the logs had been hauled into place. The men told us the rest of the trail would be completed by spring.

We followed the stream trail back to Rte 3. Lots of ice and Kelley could not get to the unfrozen spots because of  steep or icy banks.

Waiting again

There had been lots of ice and, along the stream, several blowdowns not yet cleared that we had to work around but it had been fun to do a new trail and the sun was a plus. Kelley had not got in a swim but had found a few spots where there was water she could lie in.  1  3/4 hours 


  1. No such thing as a bad hike when the sun shines!
    Looks like another great trail in the making. There sure seems to be a wide variety--no chance to get bored there.
    More snow headed your way?

    1. Hi Sue - we do have a lot of choices- less in winter because of ice and snow- and all within an hour and a half- most much less from home . Also the trails are different each time- the seasons, weather, etc.

  2. I'm amazed at the lack of snow for this time of year.

    1. Hi Kim - result of two days of rain - also close to the ocean. Yesterday we were in an area with more snow.


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