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Friday, January 16, 2015

1/16/15 Glenburn Snowmobile Trail

We woke to gray skies but by the time we started our hike the sun was out and it was in the 20's. We wanted to get in a good one today as the forecast for tomorrow is a high of 9 degrees with wind chills of twenty seven below and we may have a day off.

These trails are also close- 6.5 miles to where we parked. There is a closed store there with a parking lot which can be used. At other access points parking can be difficult.

This section of the trail starts off across a couple of large fields. Snowmobiles had packed the snow some for us but not as good as at Dover Fox-Croft

before entering the woods

We took the trail to the left toward Glenburn but it had been used by only a skier and a walker and was a bit of a slog and we turned back just before we reached the road.

It was a relief to be get back on a trail the snowmobiles had used. Much of this area is boggy and very wet if you are hear at the wrong time. Today everything was frozen.

After this section there is a hill and another large field as you approach Pushaw Rd. We followed the sled tracks and somehow ended up on a road through a neighborhood, picked up the trail again, but came out on a different trail  ( #6 ) to the lake.

Looking at one of the islands in the lake

Kelley, with snow on her face, waiting while I take the picture

As we headed back I tried to figure out where we had gone wrong but only ended up returning the way we had come. We have, in the past, taken  trail  #1 to the lake. I think the map is old and there has been some construction which altered the route. The trails are not marked and there are trails that don't appear on the map and in the past this has led , on other of these  trails, to larger errors and longer hikes than planned

We had no trouble returning the way we had come and it had been a pretty day in the woods. We met no snowmobilers or other people. Kelley had no trouble with the snow and was enthusiastic about a hike we hadn't done in a year.  3  1/4 hours


  1. Looks beautiful. We used to own snowmobiles and I loved going out on the trails. I sure miss that.

    1. Thanks Kim - I have never been on one but they make good winter trails for us. We rarely meet them on the trails.

  2. What a tangle of trails--I'd be lost for certain!
    Stay warm!

    1. Thanks for commenting Sue- part of the adventure


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