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Saturday, January 3, 2015

1/2/15 Newman Hill- Hinds

Upper 20's and sunny but cloudy at times and even a few snow flakes. Our concern is still icy trails and it's going to get worse ( forecast is for snow and more freezing rain ). Today we decided to checkout a nearby hike.

From the parking lot we headed out the Caribou Bog Ski Trail which is only allowed in winter to protect the fragile bog plants. In winter it is used by skiers and we don't use it so as not to mess up their tracks. No snow so today might be our day.

The first part of the trail was fine but then we hit the really boggy section

What looks like water is clear ice, which Kelley soon discovered.

Though it would support Kelley I doubted it would support me so we turned back and returned to our usual route.

Black Pond - also frozen

Water runs from Pine Pond  and I thought there might be some water there

a little bit

Next we took the old rail bed

Until we came to another beaver area with a tiny bit of water

We took a trail that looped around and took us back to the old road. Route might not be exact as this is and old map I used because the newer map ( which shows more trails) does not have the bog trail.on it.

One more frozen pond - Boulder Pond - kind of nice reflections on the ice

A varied hike with bright sun, heavy clouds with a few snow flakes , and then sun again. The wind came up and was very cold. Kelley didn't mind any of that but was disappointed at the small amount of water available.   2  1/4 hours


  1. Nice scenery shots! I'm looking forward to when I can get out in nature again. My foot isn't quite ready yet.

    1. Thank you Linda- Hope you are back out there soon.


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