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Sunday, January 25, 2015

1/25/15 Essex Woods

We woke to about 3 inches of new snow - 8 to 10 had been predicted - but now we have a blizzard warning for Tuesday. Before I could clear the drive Kelley had to get out in the snow and so we did a short walk around the neighborhood. ( I screwed up those pictures)  After I did the drive we went to nearby Essex Woods to check conditions - there is also a dog park there as a fall back.

There were a few dogs in the fenced in park and we went to visit them but only for a short time as Kelley wanted to walk. Someone had started down the trail but soon turned back ( it was not that hard to walk as the snow was light) - by the time we got to the old rail bed there were only deer tracks.

We went as far as we could- private property - and then walked the other direction.  There is a large sledding hill the top of which is near the dog park and Kelley saw children at the top of the hill. She has to greet everyone she sees so I had to climb the hill with her. We then walked by the dog park and there were more dogs and we went in to meet them and their owners. One couple was celebrating the one year anniversary of adopting their dog and passed out baggies of homemade dog treats. That was a big hit with Kelley. She played a bit with the dogs and greeted all the people and was then ready to go. Not a lot of exercise but a pleasant morning. 


  1. That might be the cutest thing ever - Kelley is so sociable.

    1. Hi Kim - yes she is and yet at home spends much time back in the bedroom on her bed by herself. Also once she greets someone she is soon ready to move on to the next encounter .

  2. Hi John,
    I discovered your blog about 2-3 weeks ago and I just love reading about your hikes with Kelley. Every night i read about it on my Kindle. My husband and I are planning on moving to Maine in the not so distant future. He's lived there before and took me there in 2013 and I just fell in love with it. Always wanted to visit. We flew there and drove down through several states to see the leaves turn.
    One thing that puzzles me is how Kelley likes to get in that frigid water and doesn't seem to bother her!!! So funny. Love seeing your pics ; I love snow and cold weather .
    Thank you for your blog !
    Serafina C

    1. Thank you for your nice comments. I think Kelley has extra fur and some waterproofing. For whatever reason, the cold never bothers her and she loves the water - any water except a bath. Maine is a beautiful state - I have been here twenty years and don't think I would live anywhere else.


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