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Thursday, January 1, 2015

12/31/14 Eliot Mt. and Harbor Brook

Mix of sun and clouds- 11 degrees when we left home and 22 when we started the hike ( hadn't changed when we finished)  - it's usually a few degrees warmer on the coast. We started from the trailhead on Rte. 3

The start of the trail was clear

We soon ran into some patches of ice but there is a small stream running down this side , along and in the trail, so it was mostly water. Coming down the other side there was a lot more ice , the worst being the open ledges which were sheets of ice.

Kelley didn't like it either and is looking for a way around.

One of the reasons I chose this hike was that I thought there would be water for kelley.. The brook was running but there was a lot of ice , especially along the bank, which stopped her from getting in- there are also places she doesn't like the bank.

But there were a few places she was able to get in.

Not a bad hike in spite of the icy trails which slowed us down. . We rarely meet any one on this hike but today we met a couple with a dog on the Asticou and then two men building a bridge across the brook as part of a new trail they were building. It will run from the Asticou Gardens to Little Long Pond, being a continuation of the Thuya gardens Trail- they said ready by spring but will check out the completes section next time we are in the area.   2  3/4 hours 


  1. The icy stream is really pretty. Glad Kelley was able to get her swim!

    1. Thanks Linda - it was a bit frustrating for her as she usually gets in numerous times


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