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Saturday, January 31, 2015

1/31/15 Neighborhood

Cold, windy, and snowing as predicted. I had decided yesterday I was not going to deal with the drive today- snow continued most of the day . We would just walk around the neighborhood.

When we got up I let Kelley out the back to do her business

Instead of returning she went to the drive and made herself a spot.

I got ready and we were off to tour the neighborhood.

It was great for Kelley because, in addition to all the snow,  lots of folks were cleaning their drives and Kelley got to greet most of them and also a couple of dog friends who their owner let outside when he saw Kelley.

We spent an hour and a quarter and  I had cold feet for the first time this year, in addition to cold hands. Kelley , of course, was not affected by the cold.

Some pics to show the snow in our yard

I was glad to be back and inside. Kelley refused to come in and stayed outside for a couple more hours. 


  1. That's some lovely snow--at least, the photos are! Kelley certainly has a mind of her own!

    1. Hi Betty- Thank you- and yes she does

  2. Gee--I think she gives the hint very well.
    No rest for you!
    Beautiful snow pics. I sure wish we'd get some of that!

    1. Thank you Sue- yes, she lets me know what she wants I'd gladly give you some of our snow- more predicted for tomorrow

  3. Wow that's a lot of lovely white stuff! Kelley looks like she's having a blast.

    1. Hi Linda- it is pretty and Kelley loves it More predicted for tomorrow


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