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Monday, January 12, 2015

1/11/15 Down East Sunrise Trail

Low twenties and mostly sunny at the start. First choice was Hidden Ponds but couldn't get into the parking lot, Dynamite Brook Rd. and Myrick Pond Rd. also not plowed so that eliminated five possible hikes. We drove back to Franklin to where the Down East rail trail crosses Rt. 182. A small parking area had even been plowed. This is an 85 mile long trail and we have done this section and a couple of others but not the entire trail.

Snowmobiles had used the trail so the snow was packed, making pretty good walking.

A small bridge crosses the Card Mill Stream - but no water for Kelley

Another section of the trail

Having a rest

 while I take a picture

We hiked to a side trail we know that leads to Donnell Pond. We had seen no boot prints on the main trail but there were lots on this trail- must have walked in from their sleds.

There had been lots of activity on the pond

and a two shot pano- please click for full size

Donnell Pond   1-11-15

Where a stream runs out of the end of the pond

More ice

From there we headed back. Two more shots of the trail

This ended up being a nice hike. We lost the sun but met no snowmobiles and only two people ( skiers) as we were nearing our car so it was quite peaceful. 2  3/4 hours 


  1. You certainly don't seem to have any shortage of gorgeous places to hike. Methinks Kelley is one lucky dog!

    1. Hi Sue - we are in the center of the state and much of it is still woods - the southern part of Maine is much more civilized

    2. I think "civilized" is much overrated! The woods are MUCH better-LOL!

    3. I agree- we had to take a friend to Portland for minor surgery and did not have a happy day walking around that city while we waited on her.


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