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Saturday, February 9, 2013

2/9/13 Neighborhood

Big snow storm and Kelley was anxious to get out into it- snowing hard, 10 degrees, and  20 -30 mph winds so I'm less excited. Hard to tell how much we have got because of all the drifting- there is a 4 ft. pile in front of the front door and a couple of feet in front of the garage so I shoveled a path from the back door to get us started. Kelley immediately started running down the drive.

The road had been plowed but had already accumulated a foot of new snow- no traffic

Kelley did a lot of leaping to get through the deeper drifts and I was afraid for her to overdo it so after an hour we returned home. She did not want to come inside. We had got in a good  hour of walking.

Sunday morning:
In the afternoon we went out for another walk. This is the snow in front of the garage

The blowing wind and additional snow had filled in our track from this morning but the road had been plowed which made walking easier after Kelley struggled over the huge mound left by the plow. A neighbors house had snow drifted up to the windows.

Though the snow wasn't come down as heavily the wind seemed stronger and we only stayed out for 45 minutes before I had had enough. This morning they are saying we got 18 inches but there are much deeper drifts.


  1. Is there anything more happy and cute than a dog in the snow?

    She really looks like she's a happy girl with all the white stuff. Snow face and all!

    Take Care and watch your back with all that shoveling!


  2. Hi Julie- yes, she really gets excited by the snow. My neighbor just bought a new snow blower he is loaning me for the clean up tomorrow. Thank for commenting.


  3. looks like she had a blast..probably slept well..

  4. Hi penbayman and Christopher

    She really does love the snow. Thanks for your comments.


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