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Saturday, February 16, 2013

2/15/13 West Penjajawoc To Old Rail Bed

Mild but gray with a few peaks of sun. We started at the West Penjajawoc  Grasslands , a preserve for grassland birds.

Walking along the edge of this meadow you come to a snowmobile trail through the woods.

There had been snowmobile use ( though not in the last few days) and the walking was not bad. Just after a bridge there is a fork- the left takes you to the trail that connects with the trail on the easement and the right takes you to the old rail bed- we went right . On the rail bed  there had been more traffic and the walking was easy.

 We followed the rail bed  toward Essex Woods ( the opposite direction from that we took yesterday)  . At one point the trail leaves the rail bed and swings out onto the bog

We walked it for a bit but when I spotted small areas of open water we turned back. There was a side trail with a sign saying to 'Walmart and gas' and Kelley wanted to take that so we did. It didn't go far before the snowmobiles had turned around and we did too.

The snow provided a nice background  for things that would otherwise be lost in grass or brush.

Going back on the rail bed we passed the trail we had come in on but  continued on to a side trail that took us out to the easement and along that  to the trail mentioned earlier ( the left fork) which took us back to the trail we had come in on.

A nice two hour walk. It had worked out well with good footing for both of us and some nice variety.


  1. I love long walks, and I love the snow. Your photos are just lovely. Greetings from Montreal, Canada.

  2. Thanks Linda. I've not been to Montreal though I grew up on the Canadian Border (in Michigan) and am not far from it here in Maine and have visited many other cities.

  3. John

    the photo of kelley sniffing the snow makes him look like a mini bison! hope you & he continue your hikes for many moons to come.


  4. Hi Joel - Thanks for commenting. She does love the snow and requires lots of exercise because of her knee problems so we will be out there. It's good for me too.


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