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Saturday, February 2, 2013

2/1/13 Sears Island

The rain has stopped but the cold has returned with lots of wind. Afraid most trails would be icy and the tides being right we headed for Sears Island.

 Almost all of the snow has gone but there was lots of ice ( fairly easily got around) , especially from water running down out of the interior to the ocean. Kelley was happy to be out and in a different place with different smells and even bits of seafood to discover.

Some of the other things we saw

Waiting patiently

The first part of the hike we had been partially protected from the wind and I thought we might do the whole shore but as we neared the Blue Trail we were exposed to more wind and we took the Blue Trail into the gravel road and walked that to a small trail  not on the map) which took us over to the main road. When we came to the Green Trail, Kelley wanted to do that so we did. This took us back to the shore.

A recent blowdown- it amazes me what the wind can do to large trees

When we reached the shore we were confronted with the full force of the wind and elected not to follow the shore but to return to the main road. Then Kelley wanted to do the Homestead Trail so we took that back to the shore on the other side.

 Part of some metal sheets covering a old well.

Kelley had found a mud puddle to lay down in and had muddy frozen hair on her lower body. When we reached the shore I encouraged her to go into the water to clean off but she declined. A pretty good hike in spite of the cold wind ( we did a pretty good job of avoiding the worst of it) - 3 hours


  1. What a great way to spend a few hours! Great pics - thank you sharing. Do many folks forage the seashores there in Maine?

  2. Thanks Casey- not sure what you mean by 'forage' but people do shellfish. We rarely meet anyone on the shore of this island- most people walk the inland trails. I think partly because it's mostly quite rocky and if you don't time the tides right you are walking in the water. We always find it interesting.


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