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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

2/25/13 Snowmobile Trails and Old Rail Bed

A beautiful sunny day with little wind and temperatures in the upper 20's. We got about two inches of new snow- just enough to freshen everything but not enough to make walking difficult.

We started from the end of Fox Hollow Rd. again and took snowmobile trails to the old rail bed. This time when we reached the 'proceed at your own risk' sign we continued on across the bog and to the new dog park at Essex Woods. There was a man with  his large Goldendoodle. After a slow start Kelley and Tucker played very well together. A couple of other people showed up with their dogs but Kelley mostly played with Tucker as I chatted with his owner.

On our way back across the bog we saw a skier coming our way and Kelley charged ahead to greet him. Luckily it was a nice man we had met before and he gave Kelley some attention.

As we continued on, I realized that having enjoyed watching the dogs and chatting I had not taken a single picture of the dogs playing . I did take a few of some of the other things we saw and of  Kelley.

 On the bog

Old Rail Bed

A very nice outing . 3  1/4 hours walking and playing at the park.


  1. Sorry no comments of late..been sick for nearly two weeks..but back in the saddle again..Kelley is certainly enjoying her sun bathing!

  2. Hi penbayman- sorry to hear about your illness- glad you are on the mend. Kelley enjoys just about anything outdoors.

  3. Kelley looks like she enjoyed the snow!

  4. Hi Linda

    Kelley loves the snow ( actually any form of water). Today she was especially happy with the new powder- she actually pranced about in it and ran excitedly ahead of me.

  5. love the first shot with the bright snow and shadows.

  6. Thanks for your comment Teresa


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