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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

2/19/13 Little Long Pond

Sunny with warmer temps forecast. We started from the entrance on Rte. 3 rather than from the parking lot on the other side. A bit nippy and still quite windy. The carriage road looked like easier walking than the trail next to the pond and we started off on that but Kelley spotted a man with his dog and headed on down to the trail. After a brief visit we continued on that trail back to the carriage road. This was the hardest section of the hike because it is more open and subject to drifts but offered some nice views looking across the fields and the pond.

Once we were in the woods the walking was easier and there had been more traffic, including a snowmobile in one section. About a half hour into our hike the wind also died leaving us with a beautiful warm sunny day.

People had told us there were trails ( not on the maps) around Redfield Hill but we had not found them in the past. We added that loop today thinking if they had been used we would see evidence in the snow but we did not find any of them. We met several people with dogs and a family from Mass. skiing with their young children. All of this made Kelley happy along with just being out in the woods.

When we got back to the south end of the pond I found a rock to sit on and we had our lunch before heading back.  A very nice day 2  3/4 hours


  1. Hi John...So sorry I haven't been able to leave a comment until today...I had intended to email you,but I don't know what I do with my time it just disappears!! Have been keeping up with your travels with Kelley,and your interesting adventures, and funny photos ..I love the bird house "Da Bird Suite" : ), Kelley is doing fine it seems, and enjoying here outings!!
    Hopefully commenting is back on track or at least I made it through this one "whew" ; }

  2. Hi Grace-- thanks for your comment. Yes, Kelley is doing fine and really enjoys the snow. I know what you mean about time. When we are young time only goes fast when we are having fun- now it goes fast whether we are having fun or not.


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