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Sunday, February 3, 2013

2/3/13 Walden

A gray dreary day. Couldn't get motivated for a long drive so we went to nearby Walden. Overnight we got a very light dusting of snow- just enough to make the icy spots in the trail even slipperier and harder to spot.

Even a deer had trouble with the ice

We ended up mostly just walking along the sides of the trails- Kelley doesn't like the ice either. On the old rail bed we met a runner and his dog and when I said Kelley's name he said , "John and Kelley ! " ( No one ever recognizes me- they make the connection when they hear 'Kelley') He has used our blog looking for hikes and that was very nice to hear.

A few other things we saw.

Kelley had been disappointed that all the water we passed had been frozen. While I was getting this picture of a beaver pond she finally found some water running from the back of it and managed to get wet.

 Turned out to be a pretty good outing in spite of the gray start.  2 hours


  1. Sounds like you're becoming a local celebrity! :)

  2. Hi Linda- not really- in three years there have been 3 or 4 people on the trail that knew our blog. But it is nice when it happens.

  3. Kelley's notoriety precedes her!

  4. Hi penbayman. She is much more popular than I am.

  5. Oh what fun to be recognized. Probably many people read your blog and don't comment.
    Oh well....I still enjoy popping by for some good doggie pictures and of course your lovely nature shots!

  6. Hi Julie - I appreciate you commenting and you are right about people not commenting - I get about 60 visitors per day and often no comments.


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