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Thursday, February 21, 2013

2/20/13 City Forest

Mild with mixed sun and clouds. We got 0 .6" of rain last night so didn't know how the trails would be. The parking lot was muddy and slushy but the trails were not too bad- worse were the more open spots where the snow was deepest and the unnamed trail we took across to the rail bed which had had little use and none in last few days. The rail bed had snowmobile use a few days ago so it was the easiest to walk. It was not bad for Kelley because much of the crust supported her weight. We went a ways on the rail bed toward Forest Ave. but when we came to a large wet section turned back. We spent two hours on our walk and did not meet a single person- very unusual.


  1. John,

    I'm starting to think you're like the mailmen of old----neither rain nor sleet nor snow,etc will stop you & kelley from your appointed rounds.keep up the good work and your great blogs.Hopefully,before the year is out,you'll have sunny and warm weather.


  2. I saw dog tracks and boot prints as my dog and I skied in from Forest Ave. along the RR bed to the forest. I wondered if it was the two of you.
    I often get ideas for places to take my dog from your blog.

  3. Hi Joel- because of Kelley's needs we pretty much get out there every day. Thanks for the kind words.

  4. Hi Anon ( maybe put a name in the body of your message? ) It probably was us on the rail bed. We didn't go far on this one but last Friday we walked almost to Forest Ave.- only tracks we saw were the snowmobile. I'm glad you are finding the blog useful. I started it with that in mind. Don't hesitate to make suggestions if you know of trails we don't.


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