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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

2/18/13 Walden

We have had two days of blizzard ( with little snow) and high wind warnings. Yesterday was just gray and miserable and we walked around town a bit. Today was cold and windy - wind chills as low as -8 but beautifully sunny. After I shoveled the drive we walked around the neighbor hood. Kelley seems to like the wind and was excited by it- I was cold. After lunch went over to Walden thinking the woods would protect us from the brunt of the wind and they did. Kelley was very happy running ahead and doing lots of exploring and the sun was very pleasing.

There had been ( before the latest small snow fall) snow shoe traffic so the walking was not bad on the loop tail. Snowmobiles had been on the old rail bed and the surface was even better. We also met a couple with a dog and  of course that pleased Kelley. We continued on the rail bed past the loop trail and then, at Kelley's suggestion took the snowmobile trail out into the open. Much more wind so we took a side trail back to the loop and back to our car. A nice outing.

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  1. 2/25/13
    Glad to see you and Kelley again . What a beautiful day with fresh snow . Great x-country skiing along the RR bed and Walden Park . Hope the snow will hold up for another few weeks .


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