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Friday, February 22, 2013

2/21/13 Northern Headwaters Trail

Cold gray morning. We hadn't been to the Sheepscot Headwaters area in awhile and hoped there would have been enough use to provide descent footing. We started from the Whitten Hill trail head because there is a small ( relatively new) parking lot there - for other trails in the area you have to park beside the road and that is difficult when there is much snow.

No one had been on the trail leading down to the Bog Brook Loop but a few days ago there had been traffic on the trail going up the hill and staying in the snowshoe tracks made the footing not too bad. We also got some peaks of sun and thought it might clear.

There are old stone walls along the first part of the Northern Headwaters Trail. These are fairly common in the area but this one is in better condition than most.

The  crust was fairly supportive here if we stayed in the previous tracks - I  broke  through some but Kelley was fine and she learned the snowshoe tracks were better than  the  ski track.

Waiting while I take a picture

I walked closer to the river to get a picture  and Kelley followed me down but did not go in- she did not like all the ice.

The last third of the hike was harder going for me as the crust no longer supported my weight- not sure why though the snow seemed a bit deeper in the more open areas. There was a small bridge that Kelley would not cross and I had to help her through some deep snow to get around it.

The sky had clouded back up ( it began to snow on the drive home) and none of the side trails had been used so we decided our 2  1/4 hike had been enough. One  more picture of Kelley and we headed back to the car.

It spite of the extra work it had been good to be in the woods- quiet and pretty and as usual we met no one.


  1. Hi John

    It sounds like you didn't use snowshoes.on which type of hikes do you use them or x-country skiis?


  2. Hi Joel . I have both but don't use either. Snowshoes are clumsy to me and when they might be appropriate for me they wouldn't solve the too deep snow for Kelley.


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