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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

2/11/13 Park Loop Road - Acadia

Warmer but cloudy with rain and/or snow predicted. No snowmobiles have used the trail behind the house yet and the deep snow is difficult for Kelley so we drove to the park - it looked like they had not got  as much snow as we had.  We started from the picnic area parking and walked down Otter Cove Rd. to where the open part of the loop road ends. Because of the conditions  ( snowy areas alternating with bare road and large drifts) there had not been much snowmobile use on this first part and it was a bit of a slog. A little ways past the bridge at Otter Cove there had been  more trail use and the packed snow made for much easier walking.

Otter Cove

A view from the road

On the end of the stone wall along the walk were some shells left by the gulls

and this knot was in the roadway

Near the end of the hike a light snow started ( which got heavier as we drove home) but after the initial slog it had been nice- quite beauty. We  met three snowshoers near the start but saw no one else the rest of our three hours.


  1. here the snow is all different depths from ankle to thigh depending on how the snow blew!

  2. Hi Teresa- that's pretty much what we have- especially in more open areas.

  3. John, again beautiful pictures. I really like the angle on the second one. I can feel the road turn.

  4. Thank you Julie - I appreciate you stopping by and the comment.


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