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Saturday, February 23, 2013

2/22/13 Glenburn Trails

A nice sunny day with little wind. Decided to try the Glenburn Trails again. We usually park at Lancaster Brook Rd. but it looked like I might not get out of the parking area which was very icy. We continued on to Hudson Rd. and got permission to leave the car in the lot of a small market next to the trail.

You start across a large field and that had some icy spots but once we got in the woods the footing was good with just a few icy patches to work around.

We came to a fork but had a hunch it wasn't  correct and kept to the right- there are no numbers posted on the trails and few signs. We continued on to a second fork and took the right branch. This led us through the iciest section of the hike with some ice covered marshy areas to a large hill. At the top of the hill we looked across a large field with houses in the distance.

This didn't look right  ( we were hoping to reach Pushaw lake) so we went back to the fork and took the left branch. This turned out to be the nicest section of trail -mostly pretty woods and easy walking with no ice.

We followed that trail to Pushaw Rd. , crossed that, and thought we were not far from the lake until we saw this sign

The distance to the lake  meant we were probably not on the trail we thought but on trail 2 . Not wanting to add three miles to the hike we turned back.

When we got back to the first fork we tried the other branch but it just took us to the school.  Back at the market I went in to talk to the owner who was familiar with the trails. He said we had been on Trail 1 at the top of the hill and would have reached the lake had we continued and confirmed the second trail had been #2. He also suggested we try the other trails a bit further down Hudson Road.

In spite of my confusion it was a pleasant hike. Kelley was happy because it was like new ( had been a year since we'd done it) and offered lots of new things to explore.  2  1/2 hours


  1. If nothing else you and Kelley got a pleasant walk in the woods! Nothing wrong with a stroll in a beautiful place.

  2. I agree Linda. It's all good.


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