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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

6/5/12 Cascade and Saxl Parks

On and off rain continues. It's also cold (50), gray, and windy. Wanted someplace other than downtown that wouldn't be completely soggy so the parks were the answer.

Cascade is across from the Penobscot River and is small but pleasant, with a fountain, some benches , and a few tables.

One of the ways to reach Saxl park is from the back of Cascade which is what we did. You can also reach it through the hospital grounds at the other end. It is essentially a huge meadow with wide mowed paths winding through it. It also has a small pond and benches here and there.

The wind made close ups difficult today




We managed to get an hours walk in before it started to rain again. Kelley was happy to be in the grass and off leash and was in high spirits in spite of the weather. This made it worthwhile for me.                                                                                                                                                       


  1. She's a lab, eh? Water is nothing to fear...

  2. Hi penbayman- no, it's something to love. It's only my problem.

  3. I agree that the flowers from previous post are lilacs but I don't know what kind. The Arnold Arboretum outside Boston features a lilac weekend every May -most are labeled. Great place although dogs need to be on leashes. Lilacs of all varieties and dogs of all breeds.

  4. Thanks for the info Jill- certainly a new one to me. That might be a little much for Kelley- she gets very excited when she meets just one or two dogs.

  5. Ellie gets very excited too and frustrated when she's on leash and can't play with the other dogs. She actually wasn't with me when I was at the arboretum. She would have been embarrassed for the Shih Tzu's in sailor suits.

  6. Hi Jill - what kind of dog do you have?


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