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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

6/12/12 Black Mtn. Cliffs and Schoodic Mtn.

  Another beautiful day with rain forecast for tomorrow--I can transplant in the rain so it's off to the Donnell Pond area.

We started from the parking lot near the pond and headed up to the cliffs. This was a more strenuous climb than I remembered ( or I'm just getting older) . There were a couple of spots that Kelley had to find a way around but nothing really difficult.

Once on the ridge the trail is easy and has some pretty sections

and you get peeps through the trees at the surrounding countryside.

The descent to Donnell Pond was easier than the ascent and Kelley was very happy to reach the pond.

From the pond we took the trail up Schoodic - again it was fairly steep but got easier near the top and this trail also has some very pleasant sections.

Views from the summit where we had our lunch and then took the trail down toward the parking lot

Kelley enjoying a view

On the way down we met several lichenologists  who were doing a survey of lichen in the area. Nice folks who gave Kelley some attention - and we discussed some of the other trails.  Nice hike 3 hours


  1. Greetings from Montreal. I just discovered your blog today. By interesting coincidence, I made a post about Maine on my blog today. It is beautiful there. I hope your ankle heals 100%. This is a beautiful post and photos.

  2. Thanks for commenting Linda. I looked at your blog and made a comment. My ankle has fully healed, thank you.

  3. Looks like you had a beautiful day! The first two photos remind me of the forests in Oregon.

  4. It was a great day- sunny, temps in the upper 60s-no bugs. I have been down the coast of your state but not the interior.


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