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Thursday, June 28, 2012

6/28/12 City Forest

Yet again, another rainy day. We managed to get in two hours at City Forest without getting rained on. Water everywhere which was fine with Kelley. We met Katurah and her owner on the West Trail ( old friends of Kelley) and walked with them to the rail bed- the dogs get along well. We met several other friendly hikers, dogs and bikers ( everyone taking advantage of the absence of rain)and all of this made Kelley a happy dog.

There were several of these tin butterflies  on a trash barrel at the parking area - we found several more on limbs next to the beaver pond

The meadow with the path down to the pond continues to grow- it seems happy with all the rain

Some of the other things we saw

A wild solanaceae


Crab spider having lunch

Crown Vetch

A pretty good hike in spite of very wet feet and annoying deer flies- they didn't seem to be the problem they usually are for Kelley                                                                                                                       


  1. Hi John...Beautiful shot's, I especially like the grass and reflection!!
    Some beer drinker must be artsy ; }
    The deer flies where bad here today too..they take a good bite !!

  2. Thank for looking and commenting Grace and Linda.

  3. Looks like plant life is flourishing there. Send some rain our way would ys? We're having a miny drought in Michigan.

  4. Hi John- yes lots of rain and therefore lush vegetation- also lots of mosquitoes

  5. I recognized the purple flowers as nightshades but didn't know that they are related to tomatoes, eggplants and , of course, peppers. My favorite picture of the day is Kelley in the meadow. Did you pick up any ticks?

  6. Hi Jill- no ticks but the deer flies are getting thick. The solanaceae is a huge family. For awhile I got into growing a bunch of them- a couple of my pepper buddies were also involved


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