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Monday, June 25, 2012

6/24/12 Ragged Mountain

One of my blog readers Invited us to hike with her, a friend, and her dog on Ragged Mountain. There was a threat of rain and quite high humidity but for much of the hike we were provided with a nice breeze.  We started from the trail head on Barnestown Road.

Looking back as you climb you can see Bald Mountain

After a section of woodland trail there are some open ledges that provide very nice views            


A lunch/ snack break and Kelley is hoping for another bit of food                 

Meanwhile Ellie is trying for a little shade.

We had hoped the dogs would get along with each other and they did . Ellie was more athletic than Kelley and there were spots where Kelley had to find her own route  or a boost             

A view as we near the top

 Almost there

 Summit view

Almost back to the start

This turned out to be an enjoyable hike for both me and Kelley.   4  1/2 hours               


  1. Hi John....Don't we live in a beautiful much to see and explore right here!!
    Lovely day you had for a hike,as you photos
    show, they are wonderful!!
    Your faithful companion Kelly is precious, and I am glad for you that she is doing so well!!
    I have a daughter who lived in Monteville for about 15 years and now lives in the Houlton area where I originally came from...she raises sheep!!
    As a family we used to climb just about every weekend then the kids grew up and left,and now it is just me, and I only climb the stairs haha, but I do love to do long walks!!
    I enjoyed your photos of you hike!!

  2. Hi grammie g - Thanks for your nice comment. We do live in a beautiful state and Kelley is a dear. Even after yesterday's strenuous ( for her in parts) climb she is showing no ill effects this morning. We have done several hikes in the Montville area.

  3. I like the way Ellie is looking at Kelley in that last picture. Nice clouds at the lunch spot. I'm going to check out your previous posts for Montville and Monroe

  4. Thanks for your comments Jill. Let me know if you don't find the trails you are looking for.The trail in Monroe is called 'Northern Pond'


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