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Thursday, February 9, 2012

2/9/12 Former Snowmobile Trail and Bomarc

Another late start - dentist this time.

There is a utility easement that runs behind our house ( and woods behind that). Every year until this one there has been a snowmobile trail created that, just a short ways from here links into other trails that go for miles in several directions. It has been really nice to be able to access this without even getting in the car. This year it was not even cleared. But yesterday there was activity and we though preparations for the trail. Today we checked it out and found some clearing but only a short distance and that by the power company. We decided to walk further to where the regular trails begin but we found no activity except a bit of foot traffic. There is just not enough snow for the sleds and this is strange because other nearby cities have enough snow . We took a side ( non snowmobile trail) and walked that for awhile until it took us to Bomarc - a business/industrial park that used to be a missile site.

There we found this long corrugated metal building in poor repair but with these nice old doors.

We walked on through Bomarc and then a mobile home park and back to the trail we had started on. So, we were disappointed by the trail situation but had a nice hour and a half walk on a mild sunny day.


  1. That's a fascinating makeover on the "long corrugated metal building". I'm guessing that someone handy with power-tools got a good deal on those used doors and chopped openings for them (and the new window). The decorations on the roof above the doors are a nice touch. Some wire-brushing of the peeling panels and a new coat of paint on everything would finish the job.

  2. Thanks for your comments John--you don't see the rest of the building- the rest is in poor shape.- I thought the things above the door might be to keep snow and ice from sliding down.

  3. Sometimes we overlook that which is closest to us and need to keep in mind that even in our backyards there is worthiness..

  4. Hi penbayman - I agree- all we need do is look


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