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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

2/7/12 Little River Trail, Belfast

After yesterday's adventure we decided on flatter ground and went to Belfast to the Little River Trail. There are some gentle ups and downs but nothing strenuous and mostly woods rather than rocks. A beautiful mostly sunny day with temps in the 30's. We started from the ball field parking area. The trail goes through woods until at this point it reaches the river and begins to follow it.

At Perkins Road you have to cross to the other side to continue the trail and we saw this farm with llamas. Kelley looked at them and they looked at her- they went back to eating and we continued walking.

We did not go much further east as the trail gets icier as you near the water district office. We had found this last year in winter and suspect it has something to do with drainage. So we turned back the way we had come.

This is the reservoir from the road at the spillway.

Where we stopped for lunch

Resting after lunch

A nice peaceful hike- we met one other nice couple- and a beautiful day. 3 3/4 hours


  1. Loved the last two photos - especially the one of Kelley.

  2. Thanks for looking and commenting Linda- I think those are my favorites too.

  3. Beautiful pics, John! Especially like the lunch spot photo. Looks like a great walk!

  4. Thanks Casey. It's a pleasant walk and the day was beautiful.

  5. I think the note about Kelley and the llamas is funny.

  6. Thanks for commenting John- She doesn't usually get too excited by animals other than other dogs.


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