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Saturday, February 4, 2012

2/4/12 Frye Mountain

Still a problem with icy trails here. Decided Frye Mountain might be good as it is mostly woods with few rocks, good footing, and is not a steep climb. We started from the Walker Ridge access and found that no one had been on the trail since the last snow. Between the blazes and Kelley's excellent nose we had no trouble following the trail. She does not appear to be scenting but easily follows the trails.

The Bartlett Stream was easy to cross today

There was crusty snow but only a few inches deep and walking the first part of the trail was not difficult.

The woods thin somewhat as you gain elevation

After we crossed the second logging road and began to gain a little elevation the snow became deeper and the walking more difficult. Near the summit there is a steep drop before you climb back up and we found ice on the trail. I had thought about trying to do the loop but decided this wasn't the day for it and we turned back. I was also concerned for Kelley because she had done a long hike yesterday and she seemed to be struggling with the snow also ( which is not usual for her) . Once we turned back and we were on the trail we had broken on the way up she perked up and showed her usual enthusiasm.

At the loop junction we climbed up to the ridge where there is a bit of view ( whereas there is none at the summit) and shared an apple before heading back down

A nice quiet hike. 3 1/4 hours


  1. Your pictures illustrate the climb well.

  2. Thanks John- maybe next next time we will get the whole loop.


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